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Social media business pages are a great way to connect with customers. Get connected and generate online buzz about your biz.
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn… they’re all a professional component to a business’s online credibility. Pinterest, YouTube, RSS, Tumblr… The customer expects to find your business online.

blog page example Use your Website to Get Connected!

Consider writing a BLOG for your business. It’s a great tool to communicate your business message, in detail, anytime, utilizing a flexible and powerful writing environment.

I don’t know what to put in my blog!

  • Keep fans updated on the latest news about your business
  • Share tips or expert advice with readers
  • Share your latest project or product
  • Get personal by adding quotes or photos
  • Display useful or interesting websites

PeniRae Design Facebook business page

Let the Tools Work for You

  1. BLOG: Kick-start the process by writing an article or sharing a photo, expertise or event in your blog.
  2. FACEBOOK: Next, pull a paragraph from the blog and post it to your Facebook business page.
  3. TWITTER: Then, grab a sentence and tweet it on Twitter.
  4. PINTEREST: And finally… if you have a photo “pin it” into Pinterest or Instagram.
  5. RSS: Give your readers the option to follow your news quickly and easily by subscribing to your blog feed.
  6. BROWSERS: The search engines note the activity and your online presence is verified as relevant and useful to the public!

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Facebook business page
PeniRae Design Facebook business page

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