A Website is Like a Car . . .

  • They’re powerful
  • Very useful
  • Often visually appealing
  • Start to de-value at the point of purchase (monetarily or technically)
  • Need repairs under the hood now and then
  • Not fun to get fixed, but you’re happy when they’re running right
  • You can keep them running for a long time…
  • but eventually, there’s a better model available.

Playful logo for Greenhouse Gardener’s Companion

Greenhouse Gardener's Companion logo

Greenhouse Gardener’s Companion
Online information about greenhouse gardening structures and techniques

At the launch of any logo project, I feel a sense of adventure, as though I’m embarking on an actual journey. I can see the road ahead of me, knowing what needs to be done and how to go about it, yet I can’t predict exactly where I’ll end up with it.

Greenhouse Gardener’s Companion was such a journey. The client, Shane Smith, is a friend I’ve known for many years. A very creatively charged personality, his career took form in horticulture and he established the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens in Cheyenne, WY in 1977. He’s a nationally recognized expert in greenhouse gardening – winning awards, speaking across the country, and the author of, “The Greenhouse Gardener’s Companion.

The logo evolved from simple to elaborate (which I usually discourage). However, in this case, I think it worked really well. Yes, the little westie pup belongs to Shane…

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